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Creative Flow – some ideas what to do – when it is all bunged up.



I have been thinking about this a lot recently –

We all have times when a song or track just appears or words and tunes flow .

Then other times dry, dry, dry as a flipping dry thing on a dusty day in a desert.


Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. ~Pablo Picasso.


So what old Pablo is saying – your “muse” comes and goes but you have to be there cranking away

keeping up your practise.

So got a song on the go but it isn’t “going anywhere”

or you have decided that you are the kind of person that “can never finish a song”

3 things to try

1. Be Nice to Yourself
Remember some times you have finished a tune or a poem or even just a boring chore .
and know it is jut a fat filthy lie that “ you don’t finish things”
If it was someone else talking to like that you would tell them to f!@)*)  right off


2. Set The timer

Decide a small amount of time you can put aside for the next 10 days
this has to be modest enough to be actually do-able –
keep reducing the time til your heart doesn’t sink at the thought.
Even if it is 10 or 15 Min’s, its cool as long as you stick to the rules.

This is a classic method but it really works !!

Rules to the game
Each day for the set a timer for the amount of time you decided
(no really, this is the most important rule)

For that set time you “sit” with your song every day – this can be laying the chords on your guitar /keys – singing it or looking at the lyrics. – this is called showing up.

i.e. you don’t need to actually come up with anything
All you think about till the timer goes off is that song
When the timer goes off you stop

You don’t beat yourself up if nothing else happens – as you have done what is required

Keep an open mind – you may be surprised at what happens .

3. Check out Oblique Strategy by Brian Eno and artist Peter Schmidt
They were originally a set of cards with instructions on them The idea is you draw a card from the pack when you are get stuck artistically or start to think in a linear, boring and blinkered way.
They are now available as phone apps and web programmes find out more here