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pre gig confidence booster MP3 Free Download

on Oct 25, 2012 in Tips |

Do you have pre gig jitters? How do you manage them – please share any good tips in the comments below my top 3 1. Practice your whole gig once a day If you have a gig coming up, run your set once a day minimum for 10 days before. once you have one it once – pat yourself on the back breathe easy (and then see if you can fit another run through in later in the day.) and nice and loud mind! O.K. we all know we should do this and perhaps you think you should practice your scales and all your exercises and  get to the gym and all that stuff. and do you know what, if you can, BRILLIANT – but a lot of us have to do the washing up and other stuff as well.remember PERFECTIONISM CAN KILL – so if you want to really support yourself be kind and praise yourself. 2. Head practice When you are on the bus do a run through in your imagination Sing the songs – play those chords and also hear that applause – your virtual audience LOVE YOU ! 3. Excitement Know that nerves and excitement feel the same – so actually if you are feeling butterflies do a zumba class in your stomach remember it is because you are so flipping excited about going on stage and sharing your tunes. GO on try it it works. EXTRA TIP – be relaxed – breathing exercises and hypnotic tapes can be really useful. BOOZE  er yes…. not too relaxed i.e. pissed..  – limit yourself to one or two drinks max before a gig. you can treat this as a ritual, so it maybe one small brandy 5 minutes before you go on would work for you.. Other substances can have very unpredictable effects on how you perceive sound – and memory so my personal advice would to avoid before a performance. Obviously after your performance you can celebrate ! FREE pre gig confidence booster I got together with performance coach and hypnotherapist Sarah Collier to make an MP3 for you to listen to before going on stage. for your free download click here p.s. we also recorded...

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Music Manager Diane Dunkley RM2 Musc

on Sep 29, 2012 in Tips | 2 comments

      Born out of a passion for “real music ” Diane Dunkley set up her management company RM2 in 2010. She has worked with artists such as Mint Condition, Leon Ware and Carl McIntosh RM2 also acts as a booking agency and record company. RM2 – a bespoke service for real musicians Smart Womens Recording Club asked Diane for her 5 top Tips and see the full interview below. Diane Dunkley RM2 top 5 Tips Diane Dunkley RM2 5 top tips from Tigersonic TV on Vimeo. Diane Dunkley RM2...

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