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With the passing of the old ideas of being signed (or rescued ) by a recording contract, it is now crucial for you  to take control, and create quality products that make you stand out and shine in the crowd.

The packages below are designed for you if you are…

    • ready to get the best result possible
    • fed-up with engineers not taking you, and your ideas seriously
    • if you want to work with an expert engineer who loves music and is ready  to really understand and support your project



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The studio is located in Hungerford Road N7 – 5mins from Caledonian Road Tube

Live Room

The live room acoustic design is by David Monroe Its wooden floor and great sound, make it ideal for recording strings, drums and vocals.

Protools HD3

(loads of plug-ins) including:

Waves Platinum, Autotune

Soundtoys, Line6 Echofarm

Ohm Force


Mics include:


AKG 451/414/3000 Shure 57/58

DPA.Oktavias and AT



tigersonic monitors













 Smart Recording Packages

They are fixed at an affordable price, with the option of an installment plan.

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Working with me

I am passionate about helping you record your best performance and realise your creative vision

When I used to go into recording studios, I sometimes felt patronised and found my ideas being overlooked.

This was especially annoying as I was nearly always the main writer in the band and often was paying for the session!

This is why I make it a top priority to really listen to my clients.

  • I try my best to make sure my clients leave the studio having had a positive experience, and more importantly, with a quality recording. This is even more crucial if it is your first time recording, or early in your recording career.
  • The reason I offer the  pre-production phone consultation is that I want to make sure we have the best plan in place for your recording – if not, there is absolutely no point in wasting your time and money.

Felix Macintosh has worked with Transglobal Underground, Barb Jungr, Katia Labeque, DJ Ritu, Cleveland Watkiss, Donaeo, DJ Pogo, Mat Fraser, MC Navigator, Daddy Freddy, TC Islam, Fola Phllips, Alex Wilson, Merengada,Visionary Underground, Fusion, Spyder Johnson, Asian Dub Foundation, Mathew Barley and many, many others!
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