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Smart Musicians Development

SMART MUSICIANS Development Programme & Mastermind Group

This game-changing peer mentoring programme will run one more time this year -it’s back in September

doors open soon – email me if you want to be on short list for the September programme


You are so busy gigging and writing there is no time to think about you musical direction ?

Something’s holding you back but you’re not sure what?

It’s too hard to focus on your own projects?


Come and be part of a group, hear others discuss the same things you have on YOUR mind and take the chance to say them out loud.



·      Discover what’s stopping you getting out there

·      Think outside the (and particularly, your) box

·      Find the courage to be your strong, sweet, musical self


Autumn 2014

Six weekly sessions from September 13th  to October 28th

Saturday mornings  from 11 am – 1pm

TIgersonic Studios, Hungerford Road, N7 (5 mins from Caledonian Road tube)

“Within six months of finishing the Smart Musicians Development program I released my debut single at a full-to-bursting launch event (which I also organised). What the programme really gave me was the knowledge and skills to pursue music on my own terms, in my own way, and the support to make my goals actually happen. Since I finished, as well as releasing my single I have made an official music video, been on tour and set up a promotions company that puts alternative acts on in alternative venues – and I even met my promotions business partner through the course! “

Hazel Jane Maclaurin


When you hear others doubt their obvious talents, you might realise you’ve been kidding yourself about your own strengths.  

It’s time to ditch old ideas, be brave, and get a wriggle on – no more holding yourself back.

What’s so special about a Mastermind Group?

Where do I start?

Groups ROCK. Groups have their own energy and momentum. You won’t fail to be boosted by the extra flying power the group provides.

Use the group space to:

·      Explore your hopes and ambitions

·      Focus on where you’re going with your music

·      Share (and shed) uncertainties

·      Be accountable to others for your actions – the group will cheer you on and ask how things are going

·      Make new contacts

·      Get and give energy as part of a musical gang

·      And crucially, get support and help from others

The Smart Musicians Development Programme was absolutely brilliant!

It not only sharpened my focus and helped me establish a brand around my music, but it also gave me the confidence to follow through with my plans to record and release an EP.

(I absolutely loved this course, super creative masterminding!)

Lisa Schumann, Electronic Folk Artist (

‘I faffed and faffed about joining – money, time, what’s the point?  Then I did it and the plug was in the wall…  Support, energy, laughter and a master plan for a one-woman show I never imagined by myself!’

Carmel Morrissey, Performer/Director/Writer


We know the world is not X-Factor.  There is a place for everyone – that means you too.


You’ll get loads of:

·      Practical marketing know-how, not just the why and what

·      Tailored advice about which online platforms are best for you, why, and what you should be saying on them.  Seems obvious, but…

·      Help to identify and focus on your audience/niche and find your authentic place to be

·      Encouragement to look at your image in a non-judgemental way

·      Friendly positive feedback on your music

·      Tips on gigging and working with a band

So if you’re serious about music and ready to work to achieve your musical goals, why not become a SMART ARTIST?

If you’d like to discuss whether the programme  is right for you, just text me on 07903 188743 and we’ll arrange a time to talk.




The six weeks are crammed with useful tips, tricks and practical know-how on a range of topics:

·      WEEK 1:  Momentum – Get moving! Or you’re going nowhere.

·      WEEK 2:  Music – The most important element.  Time for a listening party.

·      WEEK 3:  Marketing Strategy #1 – What’s your strategy? Create or improve it.

·      WEEK 4:  Marketing Strategy #2 – Learn to maximise gigs, online presence + electronic press kit (EPK)

·      WEEK 5: Magic, Mojo and Mindset – We all need a little pixie dust…

·      WEEK 6:  Muscle – Develop those all-important habits and plan next steps

PLUS a  private consultation   to kick-start your project!

You’ll also have the opportunity perform in a private showcase gig that is recorded and filmed in front of a small audience.

‘The group had a multi-layered impact on me. On one hand you get more confident as you get specific feedback, support and encouragement from other group members who really know their stuff  (but maybe don’t realise it!), then there’s the supportive but disciplined no-nonsense approach of facilitator Felix. Some exercises we did were very practical, really preparing you to be in control of what you do, say and agree to as a musician.’

Mina Sassoon, Multi-instrumentalist Singer Songwriter


Participants range from people at the start of their musical career to those making a full-time living as professional performers. The course is designed to help smart musicians – whatever their experience, dreams and aspirations – to identify musical goals, find ways to achieve them, then go into the world and make your musical mark.

If you don’t invest in yourself, why should anyone else?

“The beauty is you’re given the tools and encouragement to turn them into reality.’

Gilly Spencer

Make 2014 your Year – Experience the Power of a Supportive Group

The next Smart Musicians group launches on 13th of September  – ONLY 8 PLACES are available on this 6-week journey, so reserve yours now.

‘I got so much support and learning from your Mastermind workshops. It was just what I needed and came at the right time to steer me in the right direction.’

Annee Patrice, Singer Songwriter\



Here’s a definition what a mastermind group is – courtesy of

“A Mastermind Group is a small group you meet with for the purpose of reinforcing growth and success while offering support to one another; a group that has been identified and set aside to concentrate specifically on growth and manifesting success in the following areas – finances, spirituality, relationships and/or health.

Mastermind groups achieve success by visualising goals, creating intentions, setting achievable goals, and sharing resources.  History has revealed many successful inventors, scientists, and businessmen/women were members of a mastermind group.”


I also provide advice and support on an individual basis for male or female musicians through the


This course runs as four consultation sessions over eight weeks delivered via Skype or face-to-face. Please email me for details at

‘My music has developed and expanded in unexpected but very exciting ways over the past few months, largely through Felix’s input and insight. She has a compelling way of making you feel your development as an artist is as vital to her as it is to you. With the two of you pulling together you can – and will –achieve anything you set your sights on!’

Mandy Woods, Singer Songwriter ( |